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  图片故事 — 2015年秋季助学活动 — 广西壮族自治区靖西县
Photo Stories – Fall Semester 2015 – Jingxi County, Guangxi Province

Roll call in the junior high class. The students stand up and say "present" emphatically, also bow slightly to be courteous.

Aunty Lin from Beijing telling stories to the junior high students.

Ande junior high students.

Our discussion session was changed from the evening’s self-study time to the afternoon, so that the volunteers do not have to return to the county in the dark of night.

The newly built Jingxi High School experienced a year of reconstruction, its front entrance has an ethnic characteristic.

The students dismiss thoughts of the burden of the senior high exam, enjoying a happy and amicable night together.

There are many students at Jingxi Senior High School, the teacher and volunteer are instructing them to sign for the receipt of the sponsorship money.

Presenting this semester’s sponsorship money and asking them to sign for receipt.

Passing on Love; this senior 3rd level student is very poor, another "Tomorrow Program" student sought our consent to donate her grant to her. She will have two grants plus the State Grant, this should be able to make her feel at ease through this year’s senior 3rd level.

She said, "Aunty Jane, this is the 11th time I’ve seen you, time passes by very quickly"; she was in junior 1st level before and she will be graduating from senior 3rd level soon.

Aunty Lin share her personal life experience & insights with the senior high students.

The teachers are very proud of the good exam results from the “Tomorrow Program” students from Jingxi High School.

Our junior students from the five villages who were admitted into Jingxi County’s Senior High School all gathered in this large audiovisual room, it has more than a hundred students.

Can you all keep working towards the set goals day by day until the end of the semester?

Aunty Jane, I will stick to it.

After the discussion meeting, several students invited Aunty Jane to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with them.

Aunty Lin encouraging the students.

This Nampo 3rd level junior high student used her summer vacation by going together with her classmates to the county to work part time in order to supplement their family.

The senior high student’s father passed away very early, living with his frail grandmother and mother in this tile house with a brick wall and cement floor, it was funded by the government’s renovation grant.

The student’s father passed away many years ago, the old grandmother and sickly mother could not work, their family is particularly impoverished.

The home of a Nampo junior high student.

The student lives with his grandmother, although they live in this old dilapidated tile house, the grandmother keeps up her smile all the time.

The view in front of the Nanpo Junior High School student’s home; it sits on a rocky mountain slope, there’s no plowable farmland, they can only plant fruit trees in between the narrow crevices of the boulders.

Similar tile houses, similar stories, different student, different grandmother.

The father’s leg is disabled, the mother has to assume all the responsibilities of the household and all of the hard work, in order to maintain the whole family’s basic necessities of living.

The first impression of a student’s home in KuiXu; the left wall has completely collapsed, leaving only several wooden poles to support the tile house, with a few pieces of planks nailed onto a railing to prevent people from falling; it’s not a balcony but all their living space.

The strong and optimistic grandmother can also speak Mandarin, which is very rare locally.

This home has only one bed room inside, the rest of the spaces are exposed, don’t know how they will survive the coming cold winter.

The Vice Principal of Nampo Junior High School drove us to the countryside for the home visits, we got a flat rear tire on our way back, he changed it with a temporary spare tire, it allowed us to return to the school safely.

A Nampo Junior High 3rd level girl sharing her set goal for this term and how to achieve her goal.

The "Tomorrow Program" students in Kuixu Junior High School.

A student’s home from Kuixu Junior High School.

A student took us for the home visit, as soon as he entered his house, he helped his old grandmother start the fire on the stove .

This smart cute grandson is the grandfather’s only hope.

Aunty Jane, be careful, this route is not easy to walk!

The mother of one of the girls at Kuixu Junior High School left home many years ago, her father is doing difficult work outside of the village, she and her brother and sister are supported by their aunt and uncle seated on her right.

The ceiling of this house is only 1.5 meters high, an adult has to crouch to go through, with a few pieces of wood covering the door and window, the wooden floor had collapsed, and they used a piece of wood to cover the floor to protect the children from falling through, the two mosquito nets and the two beds on the floor are for the three children.

Presenting the double sponsorship funds to this especially poor girl, to ease their difficulties on having no money for the three of them to go to school.

There are no spare rooms at Guole Junior High School, we held our discussion meeting in the school’s board room.

The evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Jingxi County, a large crowd of people gathered by the river to fly the sky lanterns (Kong Ming lantern).

They wrote their wishes on the lanterns, lite up the lanterns, and hope the lanterns will bring everyone’s wishes will come true to brighten the Mid-Autumn night.

Her grandfather makes bamboo baskets for a living and support her to go to school.

The over eighty year old grandfather makes the bamboo baskets to help contribute to the family household finances.

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