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  图片故事 — 2015年秋季活动 — 广西壮族自治区那坡县
Photo Stories – Fall Semester 2015 – Napo County, Guangxi Province

Uncle Zhuo is interviewing a new student to access sponsorship eligibility.

Volunteer Sister Liu and Uncle Zhuo are organizing the information after the interviews.

The student’s home is situated far up the mountain, her father uses his three wheel truck to take us to the home visit, this muddy road condition is very common.

Volunteer, teacher and the student’s parent move the fallen trees so we can drive through.

Our car could not navigate through the narrow mountain road leading to Napo Ethnic Middle School; because of the many felled trees, we can only walk in between the narrow space of the fallen trees.

I am a little stunned; looking at the muddy soil, I don’t know where to take a step, the teacher directed me saying step on that side, it looks firmer and will give me more support.

The student’s tile house in the mountain, the father is relying on the three wheel truck to transport goods for others to make a living and support his two children to go to school.

Though the tile house is very old, but so clean and tidy.

A lot of the student’s awards are posted on the wall of this timeworn house, the parents insisted on supporting their children to complete their education even if they have to labor very hard.

After the home visit, we walk down the road; notice most of the small branches and leaves were cleaned up, but there were still numerous big trunks on the road, we tread very carefully through these trunks, the teacher said we seem to be doing the Yuen Nam bamboo dance.

Napo Ethnic Middle School is the largest junior high school in the county, it has nearly two thousand students.

Her answer had obtained everyone’s applause.

This new student at Napo Ethnic Middle School, felt the warm and true care from the volunteer, although it is the first time that they’ve met, she was sad to see us leave.

This student turns back panting to ask for our mailing address.

The senior 1st level students have exams three days in a roll until Saturday, we talked to the senior 2nd level students first, and spoke to all the assembled students on Sunday.

The students found Sister Liu from Chengdu is very kind.

Comforting a crying student from Napo Senior High School.

After the meeting, a girl talked to Sister Liu.

This senior 2nd level high school student earned a few hundred RMB in his summer job, he donated RMB two hundred yuan hoping to help more students.

Longhe Junior High School is very small, using only a large covered shelter as the cafeteria; students line up orderly at lunch time.

This Autumn there has been a lot of heavy rainfall, the road used for the students’ homes visit is very muddy.

The student’s parents are unable to get employment, their economic asset is the dilapidated shanty, filled with the just harvested corn, sufficient only for their family.

Su Yanting – a student who graduated from Longhe Junior High School, now studying at Baise College saved some money to purchase some nice notebooks and gift them to all the younger students at her prior school.

She said: “Aunty Jane, I’d like to hug you,” after she got the sponsorship funds.

Uncle Zhuo cheering up the children at Longhe Junior High School.

Interactive meeting of Sister Liu and the Longhe Junior High School students.

Encouraging the children to set their mind on studying harder.

These two sisters are the “Tomorrow Program’s” junior 3rd level students, their family is very poor.

The volunteers are interviewing the junior 1st level students (who applied individually for sponsorship grants from the "Tomorrow Program”) and recording their personal and family information in detail.

Sister Liu is interviewing this new student.

The parents of one of the students were not home, their neighbour described to us their family situation.

Most of the main road to the villages were rebuilt, but do not know when the smaller roads inside the village will be completed.

On the way to Dingye Junior High School, saw the naked village children playing along the river.

These two volunteers looks like they are sisters.

Volunteer Aunty Lin (1st right) from Beijing joined us for the Dingye sponsorship program and part of the Jingxi journey.

This junior 1st level boy gave his answer seriously and received unanimous applause.

Many children in Napo and Jingxi wear rubber sandals all year round, they are inexpensive and durable, if they step into water and mud, it is very easy to clean.

They stand up confidently to show that they will study hard in order to obtain a good future for themselves.

The audio-visual classroom at Dingye Junior High School have been our place to meet with the students each semester, some desks have engraved words, the sharp eyed volunteers found a message engraved on one desk. It said: “Aunty Jane, wishing you all the best, I will wait for you.”

A Dingye junior 3rd level student wrote her thoughts in this note book after our meeting.

Group photo of the volunteers and the Dingye Junior High School’s students.

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