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  图片故事 — 2017年秋季助学活动 — 广西壮族自治区凌云县
Photo Stories – Fall Semester 2017 – Lingyun County, Guangxi Province

Aunt Jian relayed to the students the message left on the blackboard by a migrant worker as a beginning of semester present to the students of the Ethnic Middle School

Most relieved to see there was no daze any more in the eyes of the girl whose parents were demised, and she carefully took notes of the salient points of the talk

Last semester, she completed the assignments from Aunt Jian, made big improvement in grades, and was transferred to the “fast class” (a class of students who are good in academic achievement). However, she considered she did not make full efforts and will work even harder in this semester.

Listened carefully

She who understood the meaning of Aunt Jian’s words responded with a understanding smile

Wrote down carefully salient points of the talk

Let the students really understand why they must work hard so as to inspire their inner motivation

You are great, keep up the good work!

Aunt Jian, I will work hard

The girl from Ethnic Middle School specially stayed behind to ask in detail many questions about “Tomorrow Program”, and was touched with tears when she got the answers

She seriously made a pinky promise to work hard to her best to repay the love of the uncles and aunts of the “Tomorrow Program”

Students of the Luolou helped setting ups the chairs for the symposium

Students helped to unpack the English-Chines dictionaries we brought from Chengdu and laid them out neatly for hand out to classmates

After a detailed account of the importance of perseverance and persistence, and how to uphold it, they raised their hands to give themselves and Aunt Jian the promise: to do best to adhere to their goals and plans set for this semester until the end of the semester

It was a touching move of our little friend Lu Jiyang of Chengdu to have collected donations of English-Chinese dictionaries for the students of Lingyun

Two students volunteered to help in hand out of the dictionaries, Aunt Jian took the opportunity to educate the students to overcome publicity-shy and be proactive in helping people

Everyone couldn’t wait to read the dictionary

Very excited to tell Aunt Jian the dictionary actually have some pictures and maps

She said last semester she could only persisted with her learning plan for a month: already it was not easy

Aunt Lu shared with students of Luolou the methods of studying

Students of Jiayou signed for receipt of the EducAid

See you next semester, Aunt Jian

Reluctant to say goodbye

Private encouragement to the girl in hardship: learned from last semester’s home visit that her mother left her when she was a child, never met again; the father suffering from epilepsy and mental illness, living in the shabby tile-roofed house and dependent on the subsistence allowances

Landscape of Jiayou

Senior High Students are more mature and sensible this semester

Lingyun High School’s new campus although spacious, but there is no extra classroom available, we can only use the meeting room for the symposium

Almost all high school students in the last semester have acted in accordance with the plan, but only the majority of the 3rd year senior high students have persisted to the end, and followed the instructions of Aunt Jian to draw up the goals and plans of this semester during the summer vacation

The 3rd year senior high students said they had already worked very hard but there was no improvement in study results, they didn’t know what to do

Junior high students of Ethnic Middle, Luolou and Jiayou under the “Tomorrow Program” who were admitted to the Lingyun Senior High School reported to and made registration with Aunt Lu

Lingyun Senior High School at midnight

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