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Our Projects:

Tomorrow Program - Student Scholarship

The grief from the disaster of the 5.12 earthquake is fading in the memories of people, but for the surviving children in the area, hopes exist, simultaneously poverty also continues. The "Tomorrow Program" organization visited a total of 201 students & their families in the Qingchuan County’s San Guo Middle schools, Guan Zhuang Middle School, Mu Yu Middle School, and the 77 students & families in the Bei Chuan Ethnic Middle School. The "Tomorrow Program" did the proper background check of these students, and verified that the students’ families were farmers in the disaster mountain area. During the earthquake, there were massif landslide in the mountains; most of the farm lands were destroyed. Therefore, the family lost their only source of income. Moreover, Qing Chuan County is located in north Sichuan, it is in the boarder of Sichuan and Gansu Province, belongs to the rustic countryside mountain area, the outside attention and the support are very little. After the earthquake, 90% of the houses were collapsed, nearly half of the children’s families have the elderly requires day to day care & attention; a lot of the family members require long term medical care too. 50% of our student’s family annual income is less than RMB5,000.00.

Although China has the 9 year free compulsory education system now, but the cost of the daily food and the transportation expenses are a real burden to these students. The earthquake had destroyed 90% of the students’ homes. 90% of these families’ annual income is less than RMB10,000.00. 40% student’s family members suffer diseases result from the earth quake & they are also traumatized by the lost of their beloved family members.

These students are facing a very difficult life, but they are very strong: Bai Xing Li’s father died many years ago, the family is very poor. She worked as a child laborer in a restaurant outside her village after graduation from the elementary school for more than 2 years. She later got a local government’s grant to reduce the miscellaneous school fees & returns to the Qingchuan County San Guo middle schools for further study. But she still have to work during the winter and summer vacation to earn the school & living expenses for the next school year. After the 5.12 earthquakes, her family has destroyed, her life is more difficult, and therefore she was planning to discontinue school again. Through the "Tomorrow Program" , a donor have committed to support her until university graduation. Bai Xing Li is now in senior high school & achieved the outstanding level of her grade. She said: "Even I have gone through a lot of difficulties; I will not fear & will not cry because I am happy now due to the support of the "Tomorrow Program". (Click here to see the letter)

Fan Yu Fei was injured in the earthquake, his left arm was amputated, a quiet and strong willed young man, he said: "Although my left arm was truncated, but I am more fortunate than my schoolmates, they are all so young & yet they lost their precious life in the earthquake. Because of my physical disabilities, I am unable to do the labor work to earn a living. Now, I have a chance to go to school, I will study hard to gain my knowledge to make a better living in the future & to thank the persons who cares for me." This summer Yu Fei achieved the excellent result in the senior high’s examination & the "Tomorrow Program" had found a sponsor for him for the next 3 years. Therefore he does not need to worry about his school and the living expenses.

There are many children still in need of your helping hands, the new school semester are starting soon; they need your emotional & financial support. We have to let them know that people have not forgotten about them & will try our best to take care of them. Your compassion & support will give these children hope for the future. Your sponsorship will make a change for their life. We must emphasize that all donations are voluntary & your action to make the donations is because you have the compassion & love for these children. "Tomorrow Program" greatly appreciates your support & thank you for your kindness. With the foundation’s proper & thorough procedure, your donations & love messages will distribute directly to those children in need. The road to success for these children will be very hard & long, with your support, these children will be able to grow happily. Your help is very much appreciated.

     • Scholarship

     - The Foundation will interview & choose each of the sponsorship’s students, and will confirm students’ family & study situation via home visits.     
     - Scholarship for one junior high student/senior high student various from RMB800.00 to RMB1, 600.00 per year, will be granted by spring semester and autumn semester.     
     - The Foundation will check the scholarship granting together with schools to ensure that sponsored students can receive scholarship in time and in full amount.


     • Teaching about Love and Respect

     - Organize volunteers visit the sponsored students twice a year to help them with problems at home, in the school, in daily life, and guide them to have a proper view of the value of life & to deal with their challenges.


     • Big Brothers & Sisters Program

     - University student volunteers will be assigned as big brothers & sisters of the sponsored students. Through exchanging letters/e-mails communications, summer camps activities, big brothers/sisters & the sponsored students will gain their knowledge & life experience together.


     • Service and Pay back society

     - The qualified sponsored student will participate in the social service work at least once a week:
     - Services includes:
     1)  Take care of the seniors 
     2)  Look after the helpless children 
     3)  Clean streets in the community or help in collecting the recycle products
     4)  Establish environmental protection group, maintain the green environment of the school.


Your donation is applicable for tax exempted
- We will provide you a tax-deductable receipt after receiving your donations. 
- The personal sponsor may choose their own student to support and know about his/her well being & academic achievement by correspondence. 
- The sponsor may regularly visit the student’s family and his/her school as a volunteer.


The 5.12 children desperately needed your donations & support. Please make your pledge today & help them make a change in life.

U.S. Donation (Donation is tax deductible in USA)
Please make donation checks payable to:
Lynck Foundation
PO Box 3808
Los Altos, CA 94024
(Lynck Foundation accepts checks only)

* In order to ensure your donations received by us promptly, please specify “For Tomorrow Program” on your checks, and please notify us by email immediately.

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Tomorrow Program - Saving Li Bing (Terminated)

In the beginning of 2009, “Tomorrow Program” visited the disaster area of the 5.12 earthquake in the Sichuan Province, The Principal of the Guang Yuan Cidy, Jian Ge Country’s Pu An Middle school requested us to help one of the school’s particular student, Li Bing.

Li Bing was a 2nd year junior high student in the Pu An Middle School’s, when he was one and a half years old, his father past away and his mother was diagnosed schizophrenia; recently she had Rectal Cancer too, the family member gave up on her completely. Unfortunately, at the end of 2008; Li Bing was diagnosed uremia. In order to take treatment on his sickness, Li Bing discontinued his studies & temporary stay with his uncle in Mian Yang city, because he has to go to the Mian Yang First People’s Hospital for the hemodialysis treatment twice a week. The cost for the treatment is approximately RMB500.00 each time. According to our understanding, the best treatment for Li Bing is to undergo the kidney transplant operation, but the operation will probably cost RMB300,000.00. This is impossible for the poor family. The existing hemodialysis expenses were from the collection of donations raised from his school teachers and the students.

Although we sympathize with Li Bing but cannot raise the RMB300,000.00 transplant operation expenses. We should stretch out our helping hands to at least assist in his hemodialysis expenses. For the past two years, we managed to send RMB2,000.00 to Li Bing’s medical account in Mian Yang First People’s Hospital every month. But the actual cost of the hemodialysis is RMB4,000.00 each month. We only covered half of his monthly expenses. At present, it is very difficult for the family to continue to bear the remaining expenses, Li Bing only takes the medications instead of the regular dialysis to reduce his expenses sometimes, but this does not help him at all. Without the dialysis, the poisonous wasted products in Li Bing’s body can not be removed completely. Li Bing’s health condition is not very good. When he has a non life threatening infection, he will not stay in the hospital to minimize his medical expenses, he just muddles along day by day. Our donations received from last year should have supported him until the end of this year, but according to his present situation, there is a possibility to use up the donations ahead of the scheduled time.

The Doctor in charge of Li Bing said he must take at least 2 dialysis treatments per week to maintain a normal life. The 300 children whom "Tomorrow Program” is supporting are still poor or without their love ones, but they may have a better hope for their future. It is very disturbing that “Tomorrow Program” could not be able to see a future for Li Bing.

Although we may not have the ability to raise enough funds to cover the kidney transplant expenses for Li Bing, but let us reach out our helping hands again and donate more money as soon as possible. Please make your contributions so that he will be able to get the adequate dialysis treatment, to maintain his young life for as long as possible. Thank you very much for your support.

"Tomorrow Program”

Li Bing is undergoing the hemodialysis treatment twice a week in hospital

* Li Bing died of heart failure on February 10, 2011.

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