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A Letter to Volunteers
"Tomorrow Program" Committee

Dear Volunteers:

On May 12, 2008, an earthquake struck and the entire country was in mourning. Innumerable heroic Chinese promptly responded to such a major disaster by dedicating themselves in providing emergency relief and assisting in the rebuilding of the destructed homes and societies. Their effort and spirit orchestrated a touching and awesome response (song).

We are grateful for your participation. You, without magnificent appearance or impassioned and touching speeches, listened patiently to the victims and gave them encouragement that assisted them in overcoming their psychological trauma and rebuilding their confidence in re-gaining a beautiful life in the near future. All your acts deeply touched the victims. At this moment, we must admit that we cannot greatly reduce the sadness and suffering of the victims. However, we can keep them company, let them know that while they have lost their loved ones in the earthquake, they have us providing them assistance and regards and accompanying them to overcome the calamities and towards a better tomorrow.

We are grateful for your contributions! When the victims lost their home and their loved ones and needed support, it was you who provided them shelter from the calamities. It was you who offered your hands to warm their hearts. The much destructed landscape witnessed your insistence; the country witnessed your dedications. Your contribution is a response to the disaster, and an answer to compassion.

Great love warms the society without words! “An honourable volunteer” is not only a commendation to those who are courageous and dedicated, but also an aspiration to the spirit of the volunteers. In our era, and our country, we need tens of thousands of these people to awaken those who are still deeply asleep, to let them appreciate true love and to treasure what they have. Let us all become volunteers and contribute quietly our part to light up and warm people’s life.

Volunteers Recruitment

"Tomorrow Program" is recruiting volunteers to assist financially-challenged students with their study and their psychological well being.

"Tomorrow Program" volunteers should meet the following criteria:

1. Agree with and abide by the vision and objectives of Tomorrow Program and accept the management of the "Tomorrow Program" Committee;
2. Are compassionate, responsible; willing to help and support community services;
3. Willing to communicate, in writing, with students of Tomorrow Program to assist in resolving their difficulties and vexations;
4. Willing to participate in home visits organized by Tomorrow Program to visit students in remote and poor areas; to meet with the families and give out bursaries.
Please diligently complete the application form below and return it to tomorrowprogram@163.com, and enter in the subject line “Volunteer of Tomorrow Program”.
Volunteer Application Form
Date of Birth
Academic Qualification
Name of Company/School
Marital Status
Number of Children
Contact Telephone
Have you been a volunteer before? If yes, please provide details (place, date, duration and nature of services provided)
Why do you want to be a volunteer of Tomorrow Program?
What attributes that will make you an outstanding volunteer?
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