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● Love in the Northern Sichuan - Wen Xianmin    



● Letter Excerpts
● Wu Xiaofeng - Guanzhuang Middle School
● Liu Yuhang - Guanzhuang Middle School

● Tan Xia - Guanzhuang Middle School
● Wen Tao - Guanzhuang Middle School  
● Zhang Fuqiang - Guanzhuang Middle School   


● Yang Mingqiang - Jiangyou Senior High School
● Dong Shunhui - Muyu Middle School
● Peng Fangwei - Beichuan Ethnic Middle School

● Liu Qian - Muyu Middle School
● Tao Tao - Muyu Middle School       


● Bai Shinli - Sanguo Middle School

● Yang Xianyu - Muyu Middle School


Love in the Northern Sichuan
May 12, 2012 - By Wen Xianmin, a student in Qingchuan Senior High School 2nd year

In the northern part of Sichuan, there has a wonderful scenery area with hills at the back and water in front, birds singing and flowers radiating fragrance. The Qingzhu river slowly flows across the Valley and the fields. Giant Pandas leisurely walk in the forests. Nevertheless, the remained broken walls appear to be telling that heart breaking & unforgettable nightmare......

There is a group of children, who had studied at different junior high schools, live in different areas; came together has the same name. After their junior high’s graduation, they came to this same school named Qingchuan’s Senior High School. Now, they attended different classes, different grades, but still have the same name, from the "Tomorrow Program “ to "True Love Tomorrow", they have certainly know its meaning. Yes, this is their common name.

There is a group of people, they come from all over the country and different world, having the same feelings, passions and the same name: “True Love Tomorrow Program’s ” loving people.

There is a person, generous & kind; she had fill the hearts of this group of children with love, Every spring & autumn, with spring blossoms, and the autumn harvest fruits, she always appears in this group of children when they are most in need of help. Like a family, that these children call her Aunt.

Thousands of miles away, day & night travelling in difficult road conditions, brings love in the northern Sichuan.

I was very lucky to be a member of this group of children.

Love in the northern Sichuan. The strong American eagle’s spirit fill into the land of the northern Sichuan, the American Eagle inspire us to face all kinds of difficulties; whenever we are about to give up our hope, the American eagle’s spirit given us strength to stand up & encourage us to be hopeful in life.

Love in the northern Sichuan. Stories from Brother Law had given us the strength and hope in the northern Sichuan. Brother Law’s stories always came across my mind whenever I face numerous midnight studies, numerous sleepless nights, numerous challenges of life,. His words of: “God will help those who help themselves" given us a belief, a kind of spirit, like a seed of hope already rooted in the northern Sichuan quietly.

Love in the northern Sichuan. The story of 20/200-glasses had placed the seed of courage in the land of the northern Sichuan. The boy’s courage and optimism, is for each of us to learn. Regardless of any difficult situation or setbacks, we should be like this boy, always have the courage & be optimistic. Love in the northern Sichuan, strong and optimistic, quietly grown in the land of the northern Sichuan.

Love in the northern Sichuan. I held the (school’s grant) envelope, which contains lot of love. Love in the northern Sichuan, the loving people of the “True Love Tomorrow”, a man selling sweet potatoes in Tianjin & the Canadian friends had brought the result of thanksgiving to the land of the northern Sichuan. My hands are holding the deep love of these people, my heart has warm up. At this moment, the flowers of love blooming all over the entire land of the northern Sichuan.

From the American eagle to the Canadian friends; love has been gathered from all over the world in the northern Sichuan. Because of love, this warm & peaceful land is blooming with harmony. Because of love, this group of children will have courage to work hard & live on. And because of love, this group of people realized the true meaning of life. ...

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October 27, 2011 - Letter Excerpts

Dear friends, we have received many letters from the children, we would like to share with you some kid’s voices and feelings from some excerpts of their letters. We believe you will be pleased & happy as we are when you see the psychological and behavioural changes in these children:

Letter 1:

Auntie Tricia...... You made me know what love is, we will face our difficulties with a smile. We are your loved ones far away, every year you come to visit us - your far away loved ones. With you & the “Tomorrow program”, we are like a big family. I gain one more family member & I have a loving & warm home. Every time you come; you fill my heart with love, I feel very blessed & happy...... You make me feel there is true love in the human world.

Letter 2:

I’ll always remember what you told me. I am not the shy & self-cautious person any more. I became lively and cheerful. I will share all my happy or sad feelings with my friends. I also learned how to reasonably control my emotions, I am not afraid to speak up. I really want to thank you. I would like to say to you: “thank you”...... When I am in a bad mood, I think of what you said...... then I will feel better & my mood will return to a happy state.......

Letter 3:

...... I am writing this letter, though not in good style, but with my feelings. When I have a difficult time, when I have been in trouble, you have given me hope; let me know that life will be better. My mother died in the earthquake, my father works far away from home...... You are the one who taught me how to face difficulties, overcome difficulties. You treated us as your own children; your kind smile is so warm just like our mother.

Letter 4:

...... In a couple of interactive conversation with you, I felt the love of a mother. At that moment, I really have an impulse to hug you & call you MOM. I know this is just an illusion...... Before I met you, I really care about other people knowing my family’s situation, I do not even wanted to mention any of my family members. Because you told us not to mind how others look at us; I do not care about it anymore...... Thank you for coming to see us, thank you, you have shown me a real mother’s love. Now I’m proud to introduce my family members to my classmates, I would not feel inferior anymore.

Letter 5:

Ever since I am small, I do not like to speak, I do not want to communicate with other students...... After listening to what you said, I have changed a lot. At first I didn’t know, but I was told by my classmates I have changed now I noticed that. Auntie Jane, do you know that you have changed me?

Letter 6:

...... Having difficulties, if we look at the matter from a different perspective and think, perhaps the difficult matter can be turned into something good. When I have conflicts with my parents, just look at things in their situation, then I know being a parent is very hard. Learn how to control emotion, be the master of your mood; these are what Auntie Tricia taught me. What you have said to me are very useful in my whole life. I do not worry as much, I am not as sad as before, I seldom complain and sigh, I feel positive not negative, I have come out from my narrow minded small world......

Letter 7:

You have taught me how to control my emotions; this is the greatest love you had provided me. It was you who made me changed my thoughts of dropping out of school. You are my second mother. Allow me to call you "mother" once! ......

Letter 8:

...... I feel that no one can help me solve any problems before I met you. I am afraid to tell anyone about my problems fearing that people may laugh at me. Remember the first time I talked to you in an interview, I cried. Somehow, I became stronger afterwards. There is also the time when you visited us at home, I cried again, because I know I can tell you everything. Auntie Tricia, I wish to tell you that I remember every word you said to me. Whenever I think of my parents, I think of the method you told me to ease the pain in my heart.

Letter 9:

I thought in order to reduce the burden at home, I stop going to school...... Sometimes my parents did not get paid, my grandparents would go pick the natural herbs & waste from others to sell for my school fees. When I saw their unsteady walks & crouching backs, my tears just ran down......

Letter 10:

Thank you for bringing me happiness, life-time happiness. You made me understand love & compassion. Using a pair of loving eyes to see the surroundings, I really think the world is full of love; all kinds of love among people. The world is so good; I will love my family, friends, teachers & My Dear “Mother Tricia”. I believe you do not mind the way I called you.

Letter 11:

Thanks to the “Tomorrow program’s” help. It not only supports me financially, also help me spiritually. You taught me how to manage my own emotions, I am a very impulsive person, I felt life was unfair, I would fight with others because they scold me or my family. You made me learn how to look at matters differently, be patient & to understand & forgive......

Letter 12:

...... I deeply thank you for everything you taught me, you taught me how to be strong in frustration & painful situations & learn how to face it......

Letter 13:

...... In the old days, I was not serious about school & thought that learning is not important, I was so absent-minded in class, not taking notes, does not listen to the teacher. But when you came to Qing Chuan & had the heartfelt conversation with us, I felt that I had changed to fond of learning. After your visit, I became very involved & paid good attention in class, written down all the notes, I was so different than before......

Letter 14:

...... I remember deeply every lesson you taught me. Sometimes I can’t help telling other students or friends about your lessons...... Now they will ask me When Auntie Tricia will come? What did you learn from her?

Letter 15:

I received the grants from the “Tomorrow program”, but to me, what I received is more than 400 Yuan, I also received the spiritual support. Auntie Tricia, in fact whenever I see you, I contemplated a very warm feeling toward you. The feeling is like a child has not seen his mother for a long time. I always have an impulse to hug you. Ever since my mother died, I had never felt this warm......

Letter 16:

I know when I got into the “Tomorrow program” is just like going into a big family, a family full of joy and passion. I know in this big family there are many students have difficulties just like me. When I am in a helpless situation, you had generously helped me to overcome my problems. When I was very sad, you hold me tight & taught me how to be confident & face all the challenges with courage...... When I needed you the most, you are always by my side with no doubts. Some people say: “A mother’s love is the greatest”, to me your love is a sincere and pure love. Every year you come to visit us, sent us your warmth & brought us happiness over and over again...... Dear Aunties & Uncles of the “Tomorrow program” I sincerely thank you for your help. In my most difficult time, having your love is most happiness.

Letter 17:

Auntie Tricia, I would like to say a word to you from my heart, you’re much dearer to me than my relative. Do you know why? Although my relative is good to me, but not as good as you, love me, help me. From this point, you make me feel the greatest love of a mother, and you, once again, lead me to return to school, and be with my good friends, and teachers having joy and laughter again. You also lead me to pursue my ideal life at school. Auntie Tricia, thank you for your help, thanks for loving me...... (From an abandoned girl, dropped out of school because the adopted father lost his working ability, we found her back in time)

Letter 18:

...... I am a child without a mother’s love, every time when you chat with us, I felt really warm, very warm, and I do not have this kind of feeling for a long time. Seeing you is like my mother. Mama Tricia, may I call you Mama Tricia? ......

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April 12, 2011 - By Wu Xiaofeng, a student in Guanzhuang Middle School Junior Grade 1, No. 5 Class

Dear Aunty Jane,

How are you?

How is your health? Is your work going smoothly?

Aunty Jane, I still remember you told us about our duties, I already complied. After you left, I started my duties, I did not litter the garbage, did not pick the flowers from the garden. I took pleasure to help others every day.

Aunty Jane, the exam’s result is out this month, I improved a lot, I am very happy & would like to share my happiness with you. I got 98 points in Chinese, 88 points in Mathematics, 92 points in English. I ranked no. 74 in the whole grade level and ranked no. 10 in my class. I had followed what you had taught us, to love and protect the environment, to help others with pleasure; therefore we went to the senior home this week to sing for the seniors, to chat with them. I am really happy. I wish you could come to visit us (your students) as soon as possible.

Wish you good health & young always!

Your student Wu Xiaofeng
2011. 4. 12

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April 5, 2011 - By Liu Yuhang, a student in Guanzhuang Middle School Junior Grade 9, No. 4 Class

All members of the Tomorrow Program,

How are you all?

A letter with my gratitude to you, a far away good intention person, because of you, Being a country side girl I could have hope in my future, I have to say “Thank you deeply” to you. My appreciation could not be described only by a single thank you. I pray for you respectfully, wish you will have many good blessings in return.

My home is located in one of the small village in our township; people lived here very simple for many generations. The earth quake destroyed our entire homeland, but because of this earth quake, our village was being reformed and became even more beautiful.

"The dark night gave me black color eyes, but I used it to search for brightness". I found hope & sun light when you came in to our lives. Although we did not know each other, but you have brought us precious gift – hope. Please allow me to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate your help. Truly wish god had listened to my prayers and bless you always.

I will pray for you forever to have good blessing; I thank you forever even though we are miles apart.

If the wind blows from my side; let it bring you my applause & feeling to a warm hearted you, although we are thousand miles away, but we think of you all the time.

The love from my family let me have the dear ones to depend on. The love from teachers and friends let me have a wonderful & worry free Spring. The love from you let me have the strength to march forward.

I have the same feeling as all others whom you have helped; "Thank you" could not express our deep appreciation.

From now on, I will hold your true precious gift – hope, I will follow the wonderful warm sentiment among people, work hard to march forward, take action to repay you and help the others in need. May be this is what you are expecting me to do.

I have received your gift and hope that you have received my appreciation and good wishes. I pray for you respectfully, wish you will have many good blessings in return. I say to you loud & clear: “Truly appreciate you, thank you very much!”

Best regards,

Liu Yuhang

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April 5, 2011 - By Tan Xia, a student in Guanzhuang Middle School Junior Grade 3, No. 5 Class

A letter for the Tomorrow Program

All members of the Tomorrow Program:

How are you?

First of all, thank you very much for your unselfish support & your tremendous compassion to us. Because of you, we came out from the darkness of the earth quake disaster, at the time that we did not have anything; you gave us your helping hands to support us. I am grateful because of you, I know how to appreciate.

Whenever I hear: "Thankful heart, thank you",
"Grateful heart, thank you for our faith",
"Accompany my whole life; giving me the courage to be myself",

I will think of you. You supported us, I know you will never request us to repay you, but one should know how to be grateful, I may not be as good as others in order to have a great success, but I will try my best effort to doing every thing.

Wish all members of the Tomorrow Program
Good Health
Good luck in every thing
Your work goes smoothly

Tan Xia
April 5th, 2011

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April 4, 2011 - By Wen Tao, a student in Guanzhuang Middle School Junior Grade 9, No. 1 Class

Dear Tomorrow Program’s Uncles, Aunties, Big Brothers and Sisters,

How are you all? Are you in good health? Are your works going smoothly? I am one of the students in the Tomorrow Program. The Tomorrow Program’s compassion is very generous, I am a child from a remote small mountain village, I have received your compassion & support, and you have given me the bright sunshine, allowed me to grow strong in the spring. I knew you have done a lot for us; you have worked very hard every day. Previously, I thought to thank a person, is just to say thank you personally, but now I know I am wrong, it is not just a thank you by mouth, but I should felt grateful from the bottom of the heart, one’s action should prove we are grateful. I thought you have listened to too many thankful words, but I still have to say: "Thanked you to all of you, you have worked really hard for us!" Without your hard works, we would not be here today. In order to express our thanks to you, all members of the Tomorrow Program had watered all the trees in our school. Uncles, Aunties, Big Brothers and Sisters of the Tomorrow Program, your compassion had passed on to me and I will certainly pass it on to others diligently.

Finally, wish you:
Good health!
Smooth works!
Happiness always!

Wen Tao

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March 29, 2011 - By Zhang Fuqiang, a student in Guanzhuang Middle School Junior Grade 2011, No. 1 Class

My Respectful Uncles and Aunties of the Tomorrow Program,

How are you?

One year has passed by again; spring is unnoticeably appeared by our sides. Again, we arrived at the school with our parents’ wishes & the spring breeze’s blessings, started our new semester journey. The new study books are in front of our eyes, we are all working hard for our dreams to come true. Every thing is going to be in the right track.

One day, I was doing my work excise and our teacher brought us a pleasant surprise: "Your Aunty Jane will come to see you in a couple of days…." All the students in the Tomorrow Program were very happy; they were hugging each other & cheered: "Aunty Jane will be here, we could tell her our secrets again, we could listen to her story telling & advices, she will help us to solve all our problems, and we have a lot to tell her."

When Aunty Jane arrived in the afternoon, Teacher Liang welcomed her immediately to our assembly hall. We were so happy that we could laugh & play games with her; we could express our feelings to her. Looking at her familiar face, hair, back, we felt really safe.

In our conversation, she had mentioned that she has to go to the United States to visit her mother. She told us that because of the Tomorrow Program, she has not seen her mother for a long time. Making all the arrangements for us to go to school & have a chance to gain knowledge. Aunty Jane, we love you, please do not worry about us, please also ask all the members in the Tomorrow Program not to worry too. We will study hard & will not disappoint you. We also like to thank all the Uncles and Aunties of the Tomorrow Program, you have given us love & support so that we could have a clear mind to study & have a livelihood, we will work hard. In the future, if we have a chance to make money, we will do the same thing you did to us. We will pass on "Love" to others continuously.

All Uncles and Aunties, due to our junior high’s limited time frame, I have to stop writing now, please keep in touch again!

Wish you all Good Health & Happiness every day!

2011 Grade, No. 1 class: Zhang Fuqiang

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July 11, 2010 - By Yang Mingqiang, a student in Jiangyou Senior High School

Dear Aunty Jane:

I am very sorry that I took so long to write to you. How are you doing? The reason I did not write to you or call you sooner was I lost your telephone for a while, your telephone was recorded in one of my language book & I lent the book to my nephew in junior high school. I guess you still remember at the time you visited us in the Guanzhuang Middle School we were comprehensively in the study review stage until June 22. We were all extremely busy. We had to attend lots of school curriculums during the day time & study very hard in the evening. The bed time in school is 10:00 pm & all the lights are out. In order to study further, I had to use a flash light inside my blanket to study until 12 o’clock. The next day I get up at 6 o’clock in the morning, even on Sundays I get up the same time. These days, I had a lot of pressures & extremely busy, I tried my best to keep up with every thing. Hope you will not blame me for not writing to you soon.

I heard from Ms. Liang that you were sick, had to take the intravenous therapy in the hospital, I was extremely worried & wish that I could be there for you. Hope you are fully recovered. Ms. Liang also said that, “Tomorrow Program” will continue to support us, every one of us felt very happy & grateful you are able to help us. Thank you very much. I represent all of the 2010 graduating students supported by the "Tomorrow Program" in the Guanzhuang Middle School say to you: “Thank you to all of you!” You know that your compassion will not be wasted. Ever since you left us, we had organized two fund raising donations activities. The first activity was for the southwest drought area, the second activity was for Yushu Village in Qinghai earthquake disaster area. The Guanzhuang Middle School’s environmental protection team members were enthusiastic to donated money. The donations in the amount of RMB10.00, 20.00, 50.00, 100.00 together with our best wishes & regards send to the disaster area. We felt that this fund raising activity was very meaningful for us because we experienced the same difficult situation & were help by others. I believed, the graduating students supported by the “Tomorrow Program” will continue to transmit your principle of love & compassion to everyone who needed help.

After my exam, I looked for a school in Jiangyou. Gone through a couple days’ tests, I enrolled into the Jiangyou Middle School. I regretted that I could not pass the entrance exam in the Mian Yang South Mountain Middle School. In the Jiang Yu Middle School, there are four divisions: The best group is the "Outstanding ability group", 2nd best is the "Good ability group", 3rd group is the "fast group" and the 4th is the "balance group". My enrollment was in the "Good ability group" exactly which class has not been assigned yet. We will start our high school life on August 20th, with a few days’ military trainings. The official day started on September 1st. Although I do not know any thing about high school, but I really look forward to my high school life. I will try my best in school. My goal is: "To satisfy the person I love & who loves me."

By the way, I have a new home now, my address is: Jiang You Shi, Fong Shu Xiang Yuan Moon village, Seventh Group, Eight Division. Please come to visit me whenever you have time. Although the house is not very good, but our whole family is safe here, my over 70 year’s old grandmother is also healthy, I felt that our livelihood here is very fortunate & happy.

Recently, I have read a lot of books, I bought two famous books after my vacation, one is Helen Keller’s "Light in my Darkness" and the other one is "Fu Lei Home Letters". I really enjoyed reading them & believed they can provide me some insights & guidance. I will save up some money to buy more reference books to improve my senior high level studies. I will prepare for my studies in advance. I believed I will be able to handle the senior high school curriculums.

I really wanted to write some more, but due to limited time; I had to stop writing now. Hope you will be able to send me some of your pictures. When you write to me, please call me to let me know you are sending letter to me because we do not have a post office here in Fong Shu Xiang, whenever I send or receive letters; I have to go to Jiang Yu or nearby Qing Lin Village. I am afraid that I may miss your letter.

Wishes you good health & happiness! Wish your work is smooth too!

Sending you lots of regards & hugs!

Your party leader:
Original Qing Chuan County Guanzhuang Middle School 2010 1st level class
Original Guanzhuang Middle School environmental protection team leader

Yang Mingqiang
July 11, 2010 evening
At Jiangyou

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May 25, 2010 - By Liu Qian, a student in Muyu Middle School

Dear Aunty Jane,

How are you?

How is your health lately? Is your work alright? Aunty Jane, do you know that since the May 12 earth quake, I became very fearful of every thing. After attended a couple of your lectures on the learning process about evasion, back off, give up & conquer. I chose to conquer all the difficulties I may face in the future.

Have you thank the sweet potatoes farmer for us yet? When you were here last time told us about this farmer’s story, I was really touched, my tears kept rolling down my face, I knew that I am not alone because there are many good people surrounding us & supporting us. Although I could not remember a lot of the stories which you have told us several times you were here, but I remembered the story you told us last time. Those stories & your words were very important to me. I will remember forever a lot of the good philosophy of life you taught us.

Yes, Aunty Jane, you let us understood our position in the society is very important. “What if we did not survive in the society?” You asked us this question, we answered:

"If we did not survive, we could not see the sun. If we did not survive, we could not understand the true meaning of life."

But at the time I wanted to say: “If we did not survive, we did not know there is love among people & love has tremendous effects on us.”

Ever since you explained the above to us, I knew that I had to face my future with a smile, because a smile will give out a lot of good feelings, I honestly not know how to describe it. May be, this poem will give a better description! "To give some one a rose, the fragrance of the rose will stay with that person, is it not?" Please do not forget to come to visit us again!

Wish you good health & wish every thing is fine with you!

Liu Qian
May 25, 2010

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May 22, 2010 - By Dong Shunhui, a student in Muyu Middle School

Dear Aunts and Uncles,

How are you all? Although we had never met, but you provided us with a lot of supports, we thank you very much. You are our idols, we shall learn from you. Dear Aunts and Uncles, thank you again, thank you for warming our hearts. I still remember 2 years ago, our home land were destroyed & became ruins. The original greenery was flooded by the terrifying voices. All of a sudden, mountains collapsed, earth quaked, lakes & rivers became muddy, houses collapsed, and every one was afraid, every thing was gone, only dead atmosphere around us, people were lonely, frightened…..

At that time, we lost our friends, our schools, our beautiful home lands. All the original beautiful home lands turned into hell. No sound of the students, very quiet, I was very disappointed & afraid of being pull into the darkness by a big dark hand, I struggled but could not pull my self out, tears were floating in my eyes. At that moment, I thought I could never smile & I could never go to school again. But I found that there is fairness in this world, when we were in the difficult situation, angels like you came to our rescued. Your support gave us a lot of hopes, we were so happy, we could go back to school, and our home lands turned beautiful again, darkness is going away.

Aunts and uncles, did you know that our pretty Qingchuan, our beautiful home lands and our schools had returned, the things people hoped for came back mysteriously. By your support, we could return to school to study, we could hear the loud studying noises, laughs and joyful sound of the students again. We all came out from the darkness; we will have faith to challenge all the difficulties.

Right now it is a hot summer season & the sun is very strong, but Qingchuan did not lose its original brightness, it is even more beautiful, the green mountains & crystal blue rivers, reconstructed new houses; Qingchuang had changed into a new place. Every one is out going and happy. Every one is loved by others.

There are many beautiful scenery places, lovely & warm people in Qingchuan. It is also a place with love. Qingchuan received a lot of love and it will continue to transfer this fire of love to others. The earth quake did not shake our people, did not shake our spirit, we will make the County of Qingchuan more beautiful; will turn it into a better place like heaven.

Dear Aunts and Uncles, thank you all, thank you. We do not know how to repay to your unselfish love & compassion, the only thing we could do is to study hard, be a good student, we will continue to transmit the fire of love to others as you do to us, will not let this fire of love be distinguished. We will uphold this love spirit forever.

Wish all of you & your family good health! Wish your works are smooth too!

Best regards,

Salute to you all!

A student whom received your donations
Dong Shunhui
May 22, 2010

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May, 2010 - By Tao Tao, a student in Muyu Middle School Class 1 of 2011 Level

Be grateful & improve yourselves! Don’t give up! Yushu

-- A letter for the fellow citizens (compatriots) in Yushu

(Note: The 2010 Yushu earthquake struck on April 14, 2010, and registered a magnitude of 6.9Mw (USGS, EMSC) or 7.1Ms (CEA, CENC). It originated in Yushu, Qinghai, China, at 7:49 am local time. According to the Xinhua News Agency, 2,698 people have been confirmed dead, 270 missing and 12,135 injured of which 1,434 are severely injured.)

Dear fellow citizens in Yushu:

How are you!

How your lives are recently, are you in good health?

I am a student in the Mu Yu Middle School in Qingchuan, we experienced the same situation as you and we are the survivors of the earthquake disaster.

May 12, 2008 was an unforgettable day, the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake has devastated my hometown Qingchuan, caused a lot of damages, people were separated, homeless, the situation was so miserable for one to describe. But the Central Party Committee State Council came to our rescue at once. They rescued a lot of the people from various places as if they were pulling them out from the dead gate. People’s Liberation Army built the temporary housing so that we have a place to live. Also the medical team stand by their post day and night worked diligently to take care of the wounded people….

Now, my hometown has a new face, by the Central Party Committee’s assistance, by all the support of the compassionate people in the world, by their help in reconstruct our land, by the hard work of our fellow citizens, a lot of the buildings like growing spring bamboo plants had rise up from the ground. My hometown Qingchuan became more and more beautiful. Schoolmates were admitted to the brand-new classrooms; the loud sounds of study could be heard. All people are living in harmony again.

All the far away fellow citizens in Yushu please do not give up; do not be discouraged, because there are a lot of people supporting you!

Cheers & charge up! Qingchuan.

Charge up! Be strong! Fellow Yu Shu citizens! Charge up! China.

Wish you
Good health & good luck in everything!

Tao Tao
Student in Class 1 of 2011 Level

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May 4, 2010 - By Peng Fangwei, a student in Beichuan Ethnic Middle School 7th grade 3rd class

My Respected Uncles and Aunts:

How are you all?

How are your healths lately? Are every thing alright?

The "May 12" caused a lot of families torn into pieces and I was no exceptional, I lost my mother who was bonded to me very closely. Now I am temporarily living with my Aunt’s family in Yuli village, and enrolled in the national junior middle school. The teachers are very good here, they understood that I am an orphan, they took care of me very well and they tried every aspect to get all the necessary material for me; gave me a chance to receive your RMB200.00 subsidy. I must thank all the teachers & all of you to give me this opportunity.

I am a grass, teacher is the sunlight, they cared for me & you are the great land, gave me the opportunity to survive. Let me understand the meaning of life - - appreciate your generosity & hope to repay you in the future.

I am a traveler in the darkness, teacher is the northern stars guiding me; and you are the sun light before dawn shining my future path. Let me understand the meaning of life - - appreciate your generosity & hope to repay you in the future.

I am a sailing ship on the boundless ocean, teacher is a lighthouse guide me to the right direction, and you are a cool ocean breeze, blowing on my sails, Let me understand the meaning of life - - appreciate your generosity & hope to repay you in the future.

Therefore I must cheer up & work hard, study diligently in order to repay my mother’s spirit in heaven, also repay the teacher’s good guidance & your support.

I thank you. The RMB200.00 grant will ease up my Aunt’s financial burden, with savings little by little, it will support my future studies. Mentally, I will have a marching path; I will have the energy & spirit to move forward & I will work hard to make my dream come true. Thank you.

Wishing Uncles and Aunts

Good health!

All the best!

Beichuan Ethnic Middle School 7th grade 3rd class Peng Fangwei
May 4, 2010

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September, 2009 - By Yang Xianyu, a student in Muyu Middle School



In our difficult time,

you had offered us your noble love.

Like a clear crisp wind,

you had blown off the dark clouds in our hearts.

Like a bunch of sun beams,

you had warmed up our hearts.

Like a drop of spring water,

you had nurtured us to grow joyfully.

Qingchuan County Muyu Middle School junior 2nd grade student
Yang Xianyu
September, 2009


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May 8, 2009 - By Bai Shinli, a high school freshman in Sanguo Middle School

Dear Aunty Jane, 

How are you?  

You probably don’t remember me. I am one of the most average kids that you have helped. My classmates and I appreciated your great love for us. Your visit to our school helped us realize there are so many people out there caring for us. We are not alone. I passed your contact information along to other students. I hope you will receive the letters from us soon.  

You gave us the warmest and most unforgettable hugs in your visit. You brought us not only much needed love but also improved our strength. I can not elaborate my feeling with fancy words but I would like to write with my clumsy pen to say: Thank you! We will be strong! We are the dry grass that grows in between the rocks; you are the rain drops that we have been longing for. Thank you! You are like a member of our own family.

Do you know that I was feeling lost and tired before your visit? I wanted to give up and I am still struggling to cope with my hardship. I am from a very poor family. My Dad past away when I was little and my Mom is the sole bread-earner of the family. She turned 62 this year. Looking at her thinning body, my heart hurts as if a knife is cutting it. She should be enjoying a restful family life at home and yet she has to be out working sacrificing her sweat and blood in a farm. Aunty Jane, how should I cope with this? I dropped out of school after elementary school. In 2005, my house collapsed and was ruined due to a major flood from the nearby "green river". When the local officials came to inspect our hometown caused by the flood, they learned from my Mom that I was working out of town to support the livelihood of the family. The officials told me to come home in order to continue my study in school. They reduced my tuition costs to a bare minimum to allow for my schooling so I am greatly appreciative of the support from the officials. I am very grateful to be back to school. Therefore, I am not afraid of the hardship facing me and I will not cry. Even though life remains to be difficult, I am one happy camper.

My Mom looks older and older after the (SiChuan) earthquake, I become deeply saddened each time I see her at home. I want to give up (my studying) from time to time because I am not sure whether this is the best decision I am making and whether this decision will lead to a better future. People who know me have told me to treasure this opportunity (for studying) and said "if you let the opportunity pass you by, it will not return" or said "study hard!" "Those hardships will eventually be over, stay strong." I understand fully that those words are out of goodwill but those words have increased my pressure at the same time. Only after one has experienced these hardships can one feel the pain and bitterness from within. But I am still very grateful for their words of encouragement. I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today without their help. 

I was deeply moved by the tale I learned from you that one of the kids you helped has gone through an amputation surgery. Some say that those of us from poor families have weaker foundations and will not make any great contribution to the future. I do not agree. Just like this kid who has gone through the amputation, I will remain strong. Please forward my best wishes to him and I hope that he can stay brave, strong, healthy and happy! I have the same wishes for myself as well. There is a long road ahead of me, and I can only achieve my destination if I remain an optimist and never give up my hope. I will pat my own shoulder in times of difficulty.

Dear Aunty, sorry to bother you with the above. I have never shared my thoughts with anyone else before and I am rather relieved to share these thoughts with you. Please do not worry for me. I will be a strong girl. It’s OK. I will work hard and study hard. Aunty, please take good care of yourself, as I am told there are some serious influenza outbreaks out there.         

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and beautiful life!

P.S. Do you remember that I told you "The world is more beautiful because persons like you?" This is true.

If possible, I want to be a person like you (who helps others)

Let us go, go, go

Note: Jane is the maiden name of Tomorrow COO Tricia Lin

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